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نقطة ميه - Drop Of Water

Save Water and protect Our environmental مع بعض هنوفر فى الميه ونحمئ بيئتنا


Design web app encourages our society to save and protect environment especially save water through following steps :
Suitable posters for how save environment
Self rapier for any water damaged units or leakage
Contact qualified technical
Purchase compatible spare parts


Customer Jounery PDF icon 02.pdf Customer journey
APP Design 2 PDF icon 01 GSJAM.pdf Documentation of prototype
App Design Image icon IMG_20160227_141946.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
App Map Image icon IMG_20160227_141843.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
Customer feedback Image icon IMG_20160227_154306.jpg Customer journey
Disscuction Image icon IMG_20160226_172335.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap