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Smart Trash Can To Reduce Ocean Waste

Talking Trash Can with Social Media Personality Captures Hearts of Children and Adults Alike


We designed a smart trash can that can be shaped like an animal representative of an individual city (in our case, a seagull). The trash can is programmed to light up and speak multiple phrases ("Thank you!" "Om nom nom" "Best trash I've had all day!", etc.) to incite delight and curiosity. In addition, each smart trash can will have a social media personality (Instagram, Twitter) for people to follow, with quirky remarks in line with each city's culture.

The smart trash can will help cities monitor the times when the trash can fills up so that cities can more efficiently schedule their trash pickup times.


Where does ocean trash come from? Movie icon IMG_0579.MOV Pitch presentation
Rehearsing before the big reveal Movie icon IMG_9160.MOV Documentation of prototype
The design process from brainstorming, affinity mapping, and prototype design Image icon IMG_9108.JPG, Image icon IMG_9124.JPG, Image icon IMG_9135.JPG, Image icon IMG_9137.JPG, Image icon IMG_9158.JPG, Image icon IMG_9165.JPG, Image icon IMG_9169.JPG Other

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