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Work exchange between workers of different or similar companies


InterWork is a new way of perceiving the act of working. This company pretends to motivate their workers by promoting companies workers exchanges.

Workers are able to choose the destination and the type of work they would like to join during a period of time.


After having all the information we needed, we started to construct the prototype Image icon IMG-20160228-WA0012.jpg Documentation of prototype
When we had decided the idea we liked the most, we drew a map in which it was represented Image icon IMG_20160228_110331.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
Design principles and some ideas of the service Image icon IMG_20160228_110302.jpg Other
After doing some interviews we had enough information to get some insights Image icon IMG_20160228_110309.jpg Insights
How could we help the user...? Image icon IMG_20160228_110224.jpg Research data
Description of the user we selected to join the entire journey of the service Image icon IMG_20160226_200657.jpg Persona
Once we were told about how to deal with the proyect, we started doing brainstormings Image icon IMG_20160227_165405.jpg Research data

Team members