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Focus on your business, let LeapFrog validate the competences of your future employees


Have you ever faced the task of hiring a new employee? How much time and resources you waste on validating the competences of your applicants?

At LeapFrog, we want to free you from this pain.

Search through applicants with competences and certifications already validated for you. Filter by how many people trust your applicant, get to know them via short videos, or even make sure they meet your expectations sending them day to day work video challenges.


Physical Logo of LeapFrog Image icon DSC_8021.JPG Other
Hard Work! Image icon IMG_20160228_124323.jpg Other
HMW How Might We Image icon IMG_20160228_142231.jpg Other
interview people Image icon IMG_1161.jpg Research data
interviewing people Image icon IMG_1137.jpg, Image icon IMG_1149.jpg Research data
Some insights... Image icon IMG_20160228_142359.jpg Insights
Some sketches of recording videos and how the business may send "challenges" to the user Image icon IMG_20160228_142215.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160228_142339.jpg Documentation of prototype
We made only the customer journey from the point of view of "business" customer, not the user that wants to change job Image icon IMG_20160227_210719.jpg Customer journey
We went out to interview people about work satisfaction and changing your work. We interviewed 10 people. The results were that they felt recommendations are the best way to get a job and that CVs should be more visual Image icon IMG_20160228_142304.jpg Research data
We came up with Paula, a Berlinese 31 old woman. She works as a flight attendant, so she don't have much free time, and she's always sleeping in a different city, so she doesn't have a daily routine. She likes reading and cooking. One year ago her boyfri Image icon IMG_20160226_200732.jpg Persona
Brainwriting 6-3-5: We already had the HMW question, so we collected ideas to solve the problem "how can we help people to present yourself in a more original, visual or impactive way" Image icon IMG_20160227_173142.jpg Other