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pP(WC Finder)

Why is it hard to find a toilet?


Even though there are many toilets around the cities, as a tourist you might have problems finding them. We designed the service where a tourist would easily find a toilet with the help of an app(WC Finder). Government and local restaurants could make it free that would add extra value for the city. These could even be added to the city maps (FREE WC/TOILETS).It will help bring potential customers to the local businesses.


Taavi Tamm
Katrin Dormidontov
Deepak Bhandari
Alf Bae
Farina Roudsari


team photo Image icon image.jpeg Pitch presentation
pP app description on a CITY MAP. Image icon 20160228_142443.jpg Insights
From problem to solution PDF icon pP slides.pdf Pitch presentation
Working on prototype Vol.2 Image icon 20160227_103707[1].jpg, Image icon 20160227_135436[1].jpg, Image icon 20160227_135445[1].jpg Other