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Smart, reusable and cool looking water bottle that you can fill up at coolWater refill stations.


Intelligent reusable water bottle.

coolWater an inteligent, reusable water bottle made out of carbon fibre. It is light to carry around with you.

coolWater-bottle has a sensor that sends information to coolWater-app you can use with your smartphone.

-Measures amount of bacteria inside the coolWater-bottle and alerts you when it is time to wash the bottle.
- When you grab the bottle it detects your level of hydration ja sends information to the coolWater-app.
- You can make your own profile with your personal data (weight, height etc) to calculate your water consumption.
- coolWater-bottles label is made of electronic paper and you can download your own photos to personalize your coolWater-bottle.

- You can order your bottle with the features you like using the coolWater-app. Price of your coolWater-bottle depends on selected features.
-Connects to the coolWater-bottle through bluetooth.
- Find nearest coolWater-refill-station.
- You can register with facebook-account

coolWater-refill stations
-coolWater-refill and clean up -stations on airports, shopping centres, schools etc.

Project materials:
You can find our project materials from this page.
- Pictures of prototype (coolWater bottle and coolWater app)
- Business canvas
- coolWater profiles and Customer resource
- Material about our planning process


Our team Image icon IMG_0765.JPG Insights
coolWater business model canvas Image icon coolWater business canvas.jpg Business model
Customer Profiles and Research Data File coolWater profiles and customer resource.pptx Research data
Creating the personas after customer reseach Image icon IMG_20160228_114404.jpg Persona
Business canvas Image icon IMG_20160228_104717.jpg Business model
Team coolW Image icon IMG_20160228_104143.jpg Insights
Sound recording Image icon IMG_20160227_165612.jpg Other
Prototype of an app Image icon PhotoGrid_1456563437558.jpg Documentation of prototype
Inteligent bottle Image icon 2016-02-27_10_23_56.gif Documentation of prototype
planning Image icon WP_20160226_20_55_59_Pro.jpg Other