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Food addicts

Popularise doing good deeds


To bring positive impact on society through encouragement people for doing good deeds


Final presentation PDF icon FOOD ADDICTS.pdf Other
Marketing Image icon IMG_2945.JPG Business model
Revenue Model Image icon IMG_2944.JPG Business model
Wireframing Image icon Wireframe.jpg Documentation of prototype
Service business ideas Image icon Ecosystem development.jpg Business model
Prototype development Image icon Prototype dev.jpg Documentation of prototype
Research Image icon IMG_2941.JPG Research data
Roadmap Image icon IMG_2940.JPG Implementation plan or roadmap
User journey Image icon IMG_2943.JPG Customer journey
1st prototype Image icon Untitled-3.jpg, Image icon Untitled-13.jpg, Image icon Untitled-14.jpg, Image icon Untitled-113.jpg Documentation of prototype