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Making volunteering popular culture


There are environmental problems in the community that local people would like to help with, but they are not aware of how to help.

We have designed a service that allows people to suggest, arrange, or volunteer for local clean up operations.

The service acts as a platform to bring together members of the community who have a joint interest in living in a cleaner neighborhood.

We know that local people would be willing to help with a clean up operation, but individually the task seems too great.

Offering a forum, and logistical support to get clean up operations up and running, means that local people can come together to make a real difference in their community.

Sponsorship from local businesses will fund the service, since a cleaner neighborhood will also positively impact their business.


V2 PDF icon presentation_02.pdf Pitch presentation
Pitch PDF icon presentation_01.pdf Pitch presentation
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Clickable prototype of user journey PDF icon website_flow_01.pdf, File website_flow_01.pptx Documentation of prototype
Diagram of user interactions with the Hands In service File Fishcake User flows.xlsx Customer journey
The WHAT, WHO, HOW FUNDED of the steps from start up to live operation File FishCake Bus Plan v1.docx Implementation plan or roadmap
Photos of our process and progress Package icon, Package icon Insights
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