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Team: h2flo / Service: Trippl

Helping designers, agencies and charities to share knowledge for good.


Tripple is a service that allows for a networking system between three parties - design students, smaller agencies and less established charities.


Service development day 2 Image icon IMG_20160227_183320.jpg Business model
home page Image icon homepage.jpg Documentation of prototype
Idea generation Image icon IMG_20160226_211902.jpg Insights
Photo Image icon image.jpg Business model
Designers profile Image icon designer profile.png Other
Intro to tripple File tripple.mp4 Insights
Potential competitor Image icon Screenshot_20160227-163314.png Research data
Charity Poster Examples! Image icon charity poster 1.jpg, Image icon charity poster 2.jpg Documentation of prototype
9 steps vision and value proposition Image icon DSC06255.JPG Documentation of prototype
working process Image icon DSC06230.JPG, Image icon DSC06234.JPG, Image icon DSC06236.JPG, Image icon DSC06238.JPG, Image icon DSC06248.JPG Documentation of prototype