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Making water public again!


A service that helps people to locate and access free water sources around london.



The Shawarmas! :

Akhil (Hot Sauce, mentor)
Tony (Lamb Doner)
Mona (Pickle)
Tayo (Mayo)
Noemi (Olive Oil)
Dominik (Yoghurt)
Dree (Paprika)


Persona 3 Image icon IMG_0434.JPG Persona
Persona 2 Image icon IMG_0433.JPG Persona
Persona 1 Image icon IMG_0432.JPG Persona
Final Logos Image icon Final Logo.png Other
Aquapoint Poster Image icon Liquicity poster 1.png Other
Branding and Logo Development Image icon Branding and Logo.png Other
Progress Report 2 Plan Image icon IMG_0422.JPG Pitch presentation
Logo Designs Image icon CcOslcNW4AAI5dP.jpg Other
User Research, Interview (Video) File Interview video 1.mp4 Insights
Questionnaire/Interviews Image icon Interviews.png Insights