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Introducing Six Degrees - Making commute into community


How can we create TANGIBLE JOY for our COMMUNITIES?


business plan File Business Plan.mp4 Pitch presentation
Presentation File service Jam final present.pptx Pitch presentation
Presentation File service Jam final present.pptx Pitch presentation
Prototype (also functioning on POP) PDF icon App.pdf Documentation of prototype
The customer journey through six degrees PDF icon persona.pdf Customer journey
Wireframes Image icon 20160228_113218.jpg, Image icon 20160228_113213.jpg, Image icon 20160228_113208.jpg, Image icon 20160228_113201.jpg, Image icon 20160228_113144.jpg, Image icon 20160228_113136.jpg, Image icon 20160228_113124.jpg, Image icon 20160228_113112.jpg, Image icon 20160228_113124.jpg Documentation of prototype
Figuring out the sitemap and main functions Image icon 20160227_165530.jpg, Image icon 20160227_165526.jpg, Image icon 20160227_165518.jpg Customer journey
Alison's day & pain points Image icon 20160227_161035.jpg Customer journey
Meet Alison Image icon 20160227_161035.jpg Persona
Initial research results summary Image icon 20160227_135601.jpg Research data
Our aim Image icon 20160227_134202.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
Defining our aim/question and developing a 'why' we were solving it Image icon 20160227_123822.jpg, Image icon 20160227_123758.jpg Insights
Finding our 3 potential 'splash' themed potential directions Image icon 20160226_200303.jpg, Image icon 20160226_200258.jpg, Image icon 20160226_200254.jpg, Image icon 20160226_200251.jpg Other