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Step into my shoes


Travelling to a new place? Bored already by the idea of the tourist trap, the tour buses, the 'one size fits all' approach of the tourist information office?

Step Into My Shoes is a platform which gives you the authentic, real deal way to see, hear, and enjoy the city or area you are visiting - made up from the people who actually live there. Based on the principle that everyone is a local somewhere, we gather stories, habits and experiences from all walks of life, and use them to build characters that you can live as for a day (or more!) on your trip.

Checking in, you provide us with a few details of where you are from and what you like to do, and most importantly, the kind of life you want to lead on your trip. In return, we supply you with an identity for the day, with places to go, people to see, a kit of real items to use, and all the other little details - over 5 senses - that make up a real day in the life of a citizen at your destination. Then it's over to you!

Take a vacation from who you are, not just where you are.



PDF Presentation PDF icon presentation.pdf Pitch presentation
website mock up Image icon website.jpg Pitch presentation
Mobile UI Image icon Sign In.jpg Pitch presentation
Poster1 Image icon JAM advert.jpg Pitch presentation
Logo work3 Image icon peach-landscape-boot.gif Documentation of prototype
Logo work2 Image icon POSTER1-SHOE-LOGO-copy.gif Documentation of prototype
Logo Work Image icon POSTER1-SHOE-LOGO-2-green.jpg Documentation of prototype
Work in progress Image icon 20160227_193511.jpg Customer journey
What's it all about Image icon 20160227_193452.jpg Customer journey
What are you all about?? Image icon 20160227_193444.jpg Persona
Affinitisation Image icon 20160227_192727.jpg Documentation of prototype
Working out an idea Image icon 20160227_192716.jpg Documentation of prototype
Early beginnings Image icon 20160227_153312.jpg Other