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Failure Booth

Share and celebrate your failures


A booth set up with video or voice recording for people to feel comfortable enough to share their failures. You can choose to be anonymous or not. Recordings will be shared on a failure blog where people can offer advice and share experiences.


Music: File George Square Fail Booth Journey.mp4 Documentation of prototype
what it says on the tin Image icon 20160228_143832.jpg Business model
Actual Live Fail Booth Confession Videos Movie icon IMG_2730.MOV, Movie icon IMG_2731.MOV, Movie icon IMG_2732.MOV, Movie icon IMG_2733.MOV, Movie icon IMG_2734.MOV Documentation of prototype
Fail Mary Image icon image.jpeg Documentation of prototype
Fail Mary confessing her failure Image icon image.jpeg Persona
Fail Booth Mobile App PDF icon PrototypePhoneApp-FailBooth.pdf Documentation of prototype
engagement File IMG_1044.m4v Documentation of prototype
Prepping business model Image icon image.jpeg Business model
Working out customer journey Image icon image.jpeg Customer journey
Inviting people on the George Square to experience our booth File IMG_1040.m4v Documentation of prototype
Creative Process Image icon IMG_20160227_201832.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160227_200739.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160227_142448.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160227_131646.jpg Documentation of prototype
Inspirational quote - community Image icon Fail Booth Jam meme.jpg Insights
Inviting people to engage with our booth Image icon IMG_1043.jpg Documentation of prototype
Sharing our failures #failsafe Movie icon trim.00841442-F9C9-47EA-8D60-C762C4BC4875.MOV Documentation of prototype
Questionare Image icon IMG_1039.jpg Documentation of prototype
Questionare Image icon IMG_1038.jpg Documentation of prototype
answering three questions Image icon IMG_1037.jpg Persona
Making the prototype Image icon 20160227-DSC_1706.jpg, Image icon 20160227-DSC_1709.jpg Documentation of prototype
Making the first prototype Image icon 20160227-DSC_1705.jpg Documentation of prototype
Discussing customer journey Image icon 20160227-DSC_1699.jpg Customer journey
Asking people on the street about their failures - day 1 Image icon 20160227-DSC_1694.jpg, Image icon 20160227-DSC_1695.jpg, Image icon 20160227-DSC_1698.jpg, Image icon 20160227-DSC_1690.jpg Research data
Asking people on the street for their failures - day 1 Image icon 20160227-DSC_1680.jpg, Image icon 20160227-DSC_1679.jpg, Image icon 20160227-DSC_1682.jpg, Image icon 20160227-DSC_1684.jpg, Image icon 20160227-DSC_1685.jpg, Image icon 20160227-DSC_1686.jpg, Image icon 20160227-DSC_1688.jpg, Image icon 20160227-DSC_1689.jpg, Image icon 20160227-DSC_1689.jpg Research data
Idea generation Image icon IMG_1034.jpg Insights
Fails from people Image icon IMG_1035.jpg Documentation of prototype
User Journey Image icon IMG_1036.jpg Customer journey
part of user journey Image icon IMG_1033.jpg Customer journey
Fail Booth Image icon IMG_1030.jpg Documentation of prototype
interview an old couple File IMG_1023.m4v Research data
Interview a lady File IMG_1025.m4v Research data
interviewing a man and his granddaughter Image icon IMG_1019.jpg Research data
End of day 2 prototyping! Image icon 1456604133155775558280.jpg Documentation of prototype
#FailTeam Image icon IMG_1127.JPG, Image icon IMG_1125.JPG Documentation of prototype
The team! Without Yvonne: (! Image icon IMG_20160227_200739.jpg Other
research on the road to George Square Image icon IMG_1026.jpg Research data