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Help Wave

Portal that lets people exchange dutis that they like to those that they don’t like


Every person has some abilities to share and things that he like to do. We have also many duties that we don’t like to do or have not enough time and abilities to finish. How many times did you wish to give your duties to somebody else? Or exchange them for those that you like more?

Meet Anna and Oscar.

Anna likes for example to take a walk and dislikes mowing
Oscar is a student who likes mowing, but he is not a great fan of walking the dog every time.

They are totally strangers who, as you can see had the same problem as yours... till they explored “Help wave” application.
Like many others they registered they preferences on “Help wave”. App let them met and exchange those jobs that they like to those that they don’t like (Anna took Oscars dog for a walk and in exchange Oscar mowed her grass).

Everybody are invited to join :)


The photostory that shows how the application works PDF icon Story.pdf Documentation of prototype
The Team Image icon DSC03420.JPG Other