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The last drop of oil

What should we do with all the platforms that are soon to be obsolete?


Slide 2: The days of the oil industry is numbered and this leaves us with an extraordinary task: What should we do with all the platforms?
Slide 3: We know that deconstructing and recycling them is an extremely costly task both in economical and environmental terms. It is an industry itself to take them apart and in the process they cause a lot of pollution. Already we can see the social implications as a large number of highly qualified people will soon be without jobs. We need to ask ourselves if there is alternative ways to utilize the platforms for purposes that we can benefit from.

Slide 4: The platforms themselves are highly complex works of engineering that most people don't have access to.

Slide 5: We asked people that if they had the possibility to visit one, would they and what would they want to do there? The most common response was to admire the machinery and technology. This led us to visualize the platform as a museum and a potential tourist destination.

Slide 6 & 7: Giving the guests the possibility to live and experience what it feels like to live on a platform, while offering plethora of services such as guided tours, extreme sports, fishing, restaurants, venues for conferences and art.

This is the concept we chose to focus on, however the potential re-use is so vast. The people we asked suggested everything from floating hospitals, prisons, housing projects (if transported closer to the shore), campus, centers of research and so forth.
The financial aspect of our project is very complex. By not demolishing the platform one could rather invest the money in alternative projects that would transform their use to other purposes. We want people to know the story of Stavanger, that's why we will start a crowdfunding campaign to afford the proof of concept. Once tested we will approach companies with social responsibility who are interested in donating or sponsoring this project.


Final Final Presentation File The last drop of oil.pptx Documentation of prototype
Final presentation File The last drop of oil.pptx Documentation of prototype
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presentation of the concept: "from oil platform to high-end hotel" File jam.pptx Documentation of prototype
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kind of commercials File jam2.wmv Documentation of prototype