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Collaborate Clean Up

Cleaning out the oil of the streets and the minds of the people in the city


We need to clean out the oil of the streets and the minds of the people in the city. The way we want to do that is to connect the resources to resources.

The oil is in a recession in Norway, and and people are loosing their jobs in the thousands. Where to go, what to do?

The old way of thinking and doing things in Stavanger, which is the city in focus during the jam, have for decades been very clique-based and hierarchical. It is not easy to break through the cliques and be able to get connected to the right people/companies, especially if you don't know the right people personally (family and friends) or through the right network.

Our business model is aimed at connecting entrepreneurs, start ups and freelancers to the right resources and vice versa. Instead of a hierarchical and clique based way of working we want to change the work flows and base it on an open, collaborative and prosess-oriented style. People should gain access to resources and get opportunities to share their resources in the community where they live. We want to contribute to the emerging creative work scene in our city, to make it more colorful and including.

So, in short; we want to make it easer for resources to find resources. This will be accomplished through an online plattform, with a monthly membership fee, and where people and companies through profiles can present themselves and their ideas or services. They will be easily linked to each other through a complex search engine connecting keywords. These processes will take place in a community based network where people can engage in dialogue and direct communication.

There will also be a service for people with ideas can publish ideas to get the best collaborators to join in. Anyone with any kind of background or competence can also save up money and contribute or invest in projects presented by other members.

Our prototype is a simple model for people in the region but with the opportunity to be implemented on a national, and also on a global scale. There are no fixed categories of services and resources, the keywords used here are there to describe common areas within our community.

How resources are connected is up to the people and the companies that are using the platform, and how they tag and communicate their resources and needs. The goal is the connections and collaborate styles that come out of the community's engagements are mutual beneficiary for those involved.