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Saving energy


we are Decima and we will change people habits to save the environement.

we are making an app to give and receive tip on how to better the environement.

- what’s in the app :

Video tip from decima
Decima publish videos with everyday life tips to reduce our energy consuption.
Tips that will change you habits without costing you anything .

follower can contribute with sharing their own videos on energie saving tips.
which grows a community (by linking other network ex : facebook ...)

Your profile
the app is helping you to know how much energy you can save everyday, and show to your friends they can do the same. We will buid a great network for people who want to save the environement.
followers getting point related to how much energy they are saving every day
If we go further, user can take selfies doing these tips to prove their contribution.
We would work with the commune to reward good folowers with awards (for exp : bus discount, free entrance to byttebu)

Decima is the name of the Roman goddess who measured the thread of life with her rod.
We are on the precipice of the global climiate going out of control. We the people have the power to make a huge difference in preventing this. By simply changing our energy habits.


Screen shots of the app PDF icon app1.pdf, PDF icon app2.pdf, PDF icon app3.pdf, PDF icon app4.pdf Documentation of prototype
Planning the idea Image icon image.jpg, Image icon image.jpg, Image icon image.jpg Other