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Innovation Boom

Improved incubator services


Stavanger is long known as the oil and gas capital of Norway. Many smart specialists work and make good living in the industry but with current global crisis in oil and gas many have lost their well paying jobs. All of a sudden therefore the innovative abilities of these smart specialist just sprang up out from underneath the water surface, creating the plop sound and sending ripples all across Norway.

Though smart and innovative, these specialists are not that business savvy therefore requiring services of incubator institutions to bring their innovative ideas from the drawing board to the market place. Incubators are institutions that train, mentor and fund innovative ideas. The success rate statistics for survival of such innovative idea is still 1 in 10. The major reasons for this very bleak statistics according our personal interview of individuals that have used them among others are;

1. Incubator institutions are not well known
2. Incubator institutions are rather skeptical, difficult to access and not so responsive to emails and phone calls
3. Only one or two individuals from incubator institutions instead of consumers evaluate and make decisions as to which innovative ideas they help to the market place.
4. Incubator institutions often just leave innovators that they mentor and fund to the market place alone and don´t help them to stay on the market
5. Incubator institutions tend to be rather generalized serving broad range of ideas from high tech gaming through conservation and fine art therefore lacking the resource and expertise to effectively service innovations

This project therefore seeks improve the services of incubator institutions so a much higher percentage of innovative ideas don´t only make it to the market place but thrive and stay.


Designing an improvement of incubator servicesin Stavanger PDF icon Innovation boom Presentation_2.pdf Pitch presentation
improved: succeeded inventors as a network. Image icon 12236472_570654803115963_1474036905_o.jpg Documentation of prototype
Illustrated idea Image icon 12789909_570646096450167_1747213037_o.jpg, Image icon 12787190_570645926450184_346223322_o.jpg Documentation of prototype