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Reduce your ripple


Creating a new Business Model for water providers in order to help people be more aware of their water consumption while reducing strain on existing water infrastructure as population increases.


Splash a concept to help change your relationship with water. File Splash Concept Video.mp4 Pitch presentation
Day #2 Business model Image icon IMG_20160227_180004.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160227_180019.jpg Business model
Day #2 Prototyping Image icon IMG_20160227_171345.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160227_171529.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160227_171638.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160227_171658.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160227_174305.jpg Documentation of prototype
Day #1 Work in progress Image icon IMG_20160226_221640.jpg Other
Day #1 Ideation Image icon IMG_20160226_221439.jpg Other