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Elaine Services


How might we offer resources to people in need while eliminating strength & creating empathy?

We’ve designed a non-profit organization named Elaine Services and here’s our service blueprint. Elaine Services connects members of the local community to support the visible and non-visible homeless.

Elaine Services exists to meet the PIN’s short term needs, long term needs, and provides a non-judgemental space for support, allowing them to set their own goals in collaboration with an appointed buddy.

The buddies are vetted ex-homeless individuals that act as a peer support system and point of contact for the PIN.

Elaine services provides the buddy with a sense of purpose and facilitate their reintroduction into society.

The community donors are individuals who are inspired by reducing homeless and are looking for ways to conveniently contribute to the cause that will have a visible and verifiable impact.

The volunteers are more engaged members of the community giving their time to support the operations of Elaine Services.


Email and Tax form Image icon IMG_1466.JPG, Image icon IMG_1467.JPG Documentation of prototype
Process of Elaine Services Image icon IMG_1465.JPG, Image icon IMG_1445.JPG, Image icon IMG_1450.JPG, Image icon IMG_7914.JPG Service blueprint