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How might we build community during city-wide emergencies, so that people can get help from informal support networks?


Daisy Kit Content Map Image icon IMG_8988.JPG Documentation of prototype
Tips for Hosting Info Party Image icon IMG_8971.JPG Documentation of prototype
Guidelines, Checklist, Invite Image icon IMG_8987.JPG Documentation of prototype
Steps in the Journey Image icon IMG_8983.JPG Implementation plan or roadmap
Filling out the Hacklist Image icon IMG_8980.JPG Other
Info Party Conversation Menu Image icon IMG_8972.JPG Documentation of prototype
Building Signs Image icon IMG_8978.JPG Documentation of prototype
Donation/Conversation Box Image icon IMG_8979.JPG Documentation of prototype
Squad Leaders Door Hangers Image icon IMG_8986.JPG Documentation of prototype
Systems Map Image icon IMG_8976.JPG Implementation plan or roadmap
Status Door Hangers Image icon IMG_8977.JPG Documentation of prototype
Busy day! Image icon IMG_2606.JPG Other
Our service journey/early prototypes Image icon IMG_2612.jpg Customer journey
Initial journey mapping Image icon IMG_2608.JPG Customer journey
Insights from field research and first pin-up Image icon IMG_2602.jpg, Image icon IMG_2602.jpg Insights
Going into the field and talking to people Image icon IMG_2617.JPG, Image icon IMG_2618.JPG, Image icon IMG_2619.JPG Research data
Problem Statement Image icon IMG_2610.jpg Other
Initial exploration of prompt Image icon IMG_2597.JPG Other
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