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All Aboard and Have Fun Doing it!

Improve the User Experience of the embarkation and debarkation for passengers of trains.


Passengers unfamiliar with Union Station need guidance with embarkation and debarkation.

The recently commissioned service design team, Cruise UX, has been asked to assist with reducing confusion and improving the overall customer experience.

To reduce confusion, Cruise UX has devised a series of directions delivered by touch screens positioned along the hallway of the Union Station tunnel. These touch screens offer guidance for passengers to their train.

1. Signage Placement
2. Improved Icons to deal with communication
3. Our system
Self Serve kiosk that guides user to destination track.


Global Service Jam!!!!
Gilbert - Uber driver
The fine people that work at Union Station
The Team
General Assembly


Customer Journey Video - Find Your Train Kiosk File Cruise UX.mp4 Pitch presentation
Image of Product Prototype Image icon product.jpg Documentation of prototype
Image of User Journey Image icon Susan'sStory.jpg Stakeholder map
Images Image icon Kiosk.JPG, Image icon UniqueIDScanner.JPG Documentation of prototype
Images of our Ideation Process PDF icon LA_rail_map.pdf, Image icon PainPoints.jpg, Image icon OurWall_1.JPG, Image icon Persona_Research_AffinityMap.jpg, Image icon UnionStation_Shot.jpg, Image icon TAP_Card.jpg, Image icon OlderGuy_traveler.jpg Research data
Project Outline PDF icon SpeechStory.pdf Documentation of prototype
Presentation Deck PDF icon FindYourTrain.pdf Documentation of prototype
Personas who use our proposed kiosk Image icon Francisco_Persona.png, Image icon Gary_Persona.png, Image icon Persona_Research_AffinityMap.jpg Persona