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Clarify LA

Bringing transparency, knowledge and accountability to LA's water needs


Do you know where your water comes from, or how clean it is?


Just a few photos of the team at work! Image icon 20160227_155617.jpg, Image icon 20160228_113223.jpg, Image icon IMG_7828 2.jpeg, Image icon 20160228_133603.jpg, Image icon 20160228_113225.jpg Other
Paper prototype Image icon FullSizeRender 3.jpg Documentation of prototype
Affinity Diagram Image icon IMG_2982.JPG Other
We went to LA Trade Tech CC to discuss clean water with a diverse cross-section of our users. These are just a few interviews that we recorded. File New Recording 10.wav, File New Recording 9.wav, File New Recording 8.wav, File New Recording 7.wav, File New Recording 6.wav, File New Recording 5.wav, File New Recording 4.wav, File New Recording 3.wav, Image icon IMG_2961.JPG Research data
Cynthia is our primary user persona Image icon IMG_1440.JPG Persona
Getting Water: a customer journey, ctd. Image icon IMG_2971.JPG Customer journey
Potential solutions by Value v Cost Image icon IMG_2974.JPG Business model
Getting Water: a customer journey Image icon 20160227_140609.jpg Customer journey
Service Blueprint for our redesigned DWP onboarding Image icon IMG_2975.JPG Service blueprint