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The Dream Team

Creating Awareness of International Clean Water Issues


We aim to answer the question: How might we improve awareness of clean water issues in developing countries among people in the United States?


Conducting User Testing of First Protoype Image icon IMG_2148.jpg Research data
Creating Wireframes of Website Image icon IMG_2147.jpg Documentation of prototype
Final Prototype -- Water Label WITH CTA Image icon IMG_2144.jpg Documentation of prototype
Going Back to the Drawing Board After User Testing Image icon IMG_2143.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
First Prototype -- Water Bottle Label, No CTA Image icon IMG_2142.jpg Documentation of prototype
Our Target User, Janet, Personified Image icon IMG_2135.jpg Persona
Presentation Practice w/ Target User Janet Image icon IMG_2126.jpg Pitch presentation
Taking a Step Back to Evaluate Persona Image icon IMG_2091.jpg Persona
Mapping Out Our Service Blueprint Image icon IMG_2084.jpg Service blueprint
Creating Personas Based on User Interviews Image icon IMG_2042.jpg Persona
Customer Journey Brainstorm Session Image icon IMG_2024.jpg Customer journey
Conducting Interview to Build Personas Image icon IMG_2015.jpg Persona