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Helping folks find a workout BFF


Recent research shows individuals accomplish greater fitness goals with the help of a partner who can push and encourage them during workout activities. Finding a complementary and available workout partner however can be a challenging endeavor. Hence we present, Juiced, a free platform that helps match people interested in similar activities, together, so they can reach their shared fitness goals quickly.


Video of Service (JUICE) File IMG_4414.m4v Documentation of prototype
Storyboard of Final Video Image icon IMG_20160228_120339.jpg Documentation of prototype
User Insights after Affinity Mapping Image icon 20160227_174111_LLS.jpg Insights
Storyboard. Image icon 20160227_173655_LLS.jpg Other
Journey Map of Larry, one of our two personas. Image icon 20160227_173647_LLS.jpg Customer journey
Personas Image icon 20160227_135552.jpg Persona