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How do we raise awareness for the water consumption during the groceries and food production

Raise awareness, save water


While people live for less than 2 liters of water per day, we purchase meat and groceries that use a multiple of that. Let's raise awareness that water is not an unlimited resource.


final presentation video File final.mp4 Pitch presentation
final story 2 Image icon 20160228_135258.jpg Pitch presentation
final story Image icon 20160228_135251.jpg Pitch presentation
Core Story draft Image icon 123-core-story.jpg Pitch presentation
Core Story Canvas brainstorming Image icon 122-core-story-canvas.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
App prototype - App to log daily meals, ranking, social project support, comparison to others, challenges Image icon 121a-prototype.jpg Documentation of prototype
Alternative brainstorming session 2, - chosen word 'Fremde' - new and previous services Image icon 121-alternative-brainstorming2.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
Alternative brainstorming session - random association to a picture of women with tiger Image icon 121-alternative-brainstorming.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
Gabi, Chris, Emma, our potential customers Image icon 120-personsas.jpg Persona
our potential target groups Image icon 118-möglZielgruppen.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
What do we need for raising awareness, to reach customers? Image icon 117-was-schafft-bewusstsein.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
How do we want to raise awareness Image icon 116-wie-bewusstsein-schaffen.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
Potential stakeholders that would be interested Image icon 115_Stakeholder-wer-hat-Interesse.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
Final question: "How can we raise awareness for the water consumption during the production of groceries?" Image icon 114-chosen-Fragestellung.jpg Service blueprint
Brainstorming on more specific questions after research Image icon 113-verschiedene-Fragestellungen.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
Questioning results and findings Image icon 111-Summary-Erkenntnisse-Research.jpg Research data
5 questions we wanted to ask our potential customers Image icon 110-Fragestellung-Research.jpg Customer journey
Narrowing to a more specific theme - Water consumption during the production of groceries Image icon 112_Grundfrage.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
General Question - What impact has my personal water consumption Image icon 102_Fragestellung-allgemein.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
Starting point - Theme - How does the water affect the growth of humans and agriculture Image icon 100_Theme.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
Prototype of our application Image icon prototype.jpg Documentation of prototype
Summary of our insights after our customer research Image icon insights.jpg Insights
Working on Gabi, Emma and Christian Image icon 20160227_162036.jpg Persona