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Drop it!

#Lost #Help #Shelter #Secure


Don’t panic - chances are in your favor that you will retrieve your documents and real- time-payment.

Upload your ID, we proof and legalize your documents for your travel destination. We save your documents on our secured database.
To identify yourself, you have to create a personal password.
Also you can upload your credit card information at your account.

After conclude the insurance we will send you a fancy bracelet which includes your digital ID, Visa and NFC function.

You can use this bracelet at any time for real-time-payment via PIN-code. You can choose between the popular payment methods Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
Especially this bracelet also includes NFC.

If you lose your documents or your luggage is stolen - Don't panic!
Because your fancy bracelet will help you in this case.

Go to the next store, and use now your PUK-code for the payment.
The PUK-code activates the SOS-signal in our callcenter.

We will organize the next steps for you:
• We contact your financial institution immediately and will block all your credit cards.

• Further we report the loss or theft IDs and arrange a replacement at an embassy or consulate next to you.

• Last step: go to the embassy or consulate and verify yourself with your bracelet and your personal password.

With your replaced documents you can continue your trip.

Have fun and enjoy your trip!


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