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A força do coletivo


Service who beneficts the community for urban engagement / Serviço que beneficia a coletividade pelo engajamento urbano


Video storytelling explaining how the service works File Engageit!.mp4 Pitch presentation
Value proposal pinpointing pains, oportunitys and resources of our personas Image icon IMG_0820.JPG Business model
Service journey representing 3 actors engagement, first registering a problem, them viewing and applying to an event. The 3rd journey represents the company adopting a project Image icon IMG_0818.JPG Customer journey
Definition of stakeholders interactions between the environment Image icon IMG_0819.JPG Stakeholder map
Service prototyping using lego Image icon IMG_20160228_092220689.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160228_092229216_HDR.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160228_092232203_TOP.jpg, Image icon IMG_20160228_092306626_HDR.jpg Documentation of prototype
Card sorting for ideation Image icon IMG_0880.JPG, Image icon IMG_0881.JPG, Image icon IMG_0882.JPG, Image icon IMG_0883.JPG, Image icon IMG_0884.JPG, Image icon IMG_0885.JPG, Image icon IMG_0886.JPG, Image icon IMG_0887.JPG Insights
We build a CSD matrix from insights of our research Image icon IMG_0892.JPG, Image icon IMG_0893.JPG Insights
We definied 4 potencial users for this service Image icon IMG_0899.JPG, Image icon IMG_0900.JPG, Image icon IMG_0902.JPG Persona