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local soul

Connect with those who have the local soul. Try new things. Rediscover the old ones.


We create a platform to encourage people enjoy the city.
Discover his passions and share with others.


LocalSoul: Connecting people with local experiences File Video-final-qualidadebaixa.mp4 Pitch presentation
MVP - Usability testing - link: Image icon Detalhe 04- MATERIAL - desktop.png Other
teaser of the service PDF icon teaser.pdf Other
Value proposition Image icon IMG_0335.jpg Other
personas Image icon IMG_0334.jpg Persona
First ideas for stakeholder map Image icon IMG_0328.jpg Stakeholder map
CSD Image icon IMG_0322.jpg Customer journey
First ideas Image icon IMG_0315.jpg Insights
CardSorting Image icon IMG_0314.jpg Documentation of prototype