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#GSJAntof Time to Innovate

on Sun, 02/28/2016 - 08:02

This is the 3rd version of the Global Service Jam in which we participated (2013, 2014, 2016). In Antofagasta we prepared since December 2015 for this great global event of innovation, games and madness. 48 hours to find creative solutions and show them to the global tribe of jammers is a great challenge (that's the reason to take enough time to organize it); in our experience, for most countries of in the southern hemisphere, the date of GSJam isn't the best to bring people to the jam: summer, vacation, school start, back to work, etc., reduce significantly the attendance, even though register many people.

But... This version of Jam - coupled with the experience of the 2 above - forced us to innovate. But... IF THE IDEA IS THAT! Of course, but this time we had to be more creative to keep the motivation of our 8 friends who came to the appointment. This year we made a mixture Jam: face to face and virtual.

How did we do it? You will think "it's obvious" but at the time of making the decision, it wasn't so much ... and it turned SLIT! First, we gather in the Cowork "Barco" of 2Barbas, there jammers pose challenges for the ideation and take all the pieces of our ideas and set the canvas model to see if the projects that were going to work.

Then we started with the virtual: whatsapp group with videos explaining each step of the jam, new challenges to be made in short time spaces; then, we close the first day in the Cowork, where we recorded the prepitch; we continue with the tasks and virtual challenges, questions began and began to create - with jammers - a virtual space for entertaining conversation between text, audio and videos. Until then, "the monkey was dancing".

For the second day, we go back to the "Barco" to refine the work we develop the previous day; discover a new idea that complements the first project, we recorded the prepitch and continue with the challenges for validation, pitch end and generate the video we're going to jam up the planet service.

On Sunday, at the close of this session jam, the jammers have noon closing time to deliver data validation, the final pitch and video. We are expectantly, we are so motivated, we see the results they got and we validated our innovation.