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Inspiration Wagon

Where do you want to go?


The idea of the Inspiration Wagon came from 'being out of your depth' or 'in a bubble'. A bit like mobile libraries, the Wagon would rove the streets meeting the needs of the people for information and activities. There would be a trade - users would acquire new skills but also have to offer something - forcing them out of their bubble. We took an early proto-type on the streets (we dressed as a bus) and asked people what they wanted from the Wagon and also what they could offer.

They wanted: life skills and coaching (e.g. how to manage your money, tax, how to cook), people skills, maps and directions, Info on rights and benefits, local travel info, careers info, FE and HE courses, road safety, start up advice, crafting and photography sessions, maths tutoring, languages, web development, coding and so on.

The Wagon could also offer free newspapers and journals and a coffee and snacks service.


Service Blueprint PDF icon Service_blueprint - Sheet1.pdf Service blueprint
Logo 2 Image icon IMG_1942.JPG Other
Logo Image icon IMG_1941.JPG Other
Service ideas brain storm Image icon IMG_20160227_112936.jpg Insights
Brain storm of potential service ideas Image icon IMG_20160227_112813.jpg Insights
Back of the bus Image icon IMG_1940.JPG Documentation of prototype
The finished wagon Image icon IMG_1934.JPG Documentation of prototype
Bus interior Image icon IMG_1926.JPG Documentation of prototype
People and activities Image icon IMG_1929.JPG Documentation of prototype
What we want from the wagon Image icon IMG_1925.JPG Documentation of prototype
Pitching the idea Image icon IMG_1930.JPG Pitch presentation
Customer Journey for mobile web portal Image icon image_24.jpg Customer journey
Version 2 business model Image icon image_23.jpg Business model
Version 1 business model Image icon image_6.jpg Business model
The Inspiration Wagon Bus! Image icon image_14.jpg, Image icon image_15.jpg, Image icon image_20.jpg, Image icon image_19.jpg Documentation of prototype
Persona prototypes Image icon image_7.jpg, Image icon image_8.jpg, Image icon image_9.jpg, Image icon image_10.jpg, Image icon image_11.jpg, Image icon image_12.jpg Persona
Brand option images Image icon image_3.jpg, Image icon image_3a.jpg, Image icon image_4.jpg, Image icon image_5.jpg, Image icon image_22.jpg, Image icon image_1a.jpg, Image icon image_13.jpg Documentation of prototype
To Do list on Sun AM Image icon image_1.jpg Implementation plan or roadmap
The inspiration wagon Image icon IMG_1852.JPG Documentation of prototype
Innovation wagon Image icon IMG_1814.JPG Documentation of prototype