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Hydro Blossom

Use Flower Power To Help Water Conservation In Your Community


An in home "real time" water conservation, education, and awareness device.


Pitch Prep Image icon IMG_5687.JPG Pitch presentation
Pitch Prep Image icon IMG_5684.JPG Pitch presentation
The Hydro Blossom Team Image icon IMG_5682.JPG Other
Logo - First Iteration Image icon IMG_5675.JPG Documentation of prototype
Prototype Image icon IMG_5674.JPG Documentation of prototype
Journey Mapping Image icon IMG_5649.JPG Customer journey
Prototype Image icon IMG_5671.JPG Documentation of prototype
Prototype Image icon IMG_5673.JPG Documentation of prototype
Starting the Prototype Image icon IMG_0104.JPG Documentation of prototype
Creating Personas Image icon IMG_0111.JPG Persona