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Yellow Ribbon App

Reciprocity of love for families of soldiers abroad.


Yellow Ribbon App is a service that provides a way for you to reciprocate love to families of soldiers who are protecting you.

Yellow Ribbon reminds citizens to remember their local military service people and families and to let them know that they are thinking about them.

Accumulated location based clicks and sentiments are collected on a hub and parsed out to the most local family member.

Clicks are anonymous, yet extremely powerful. Local and national brands using the API or subscription data can give discounts, donations and products to local military communities based on simple clicks of support. Artists, Makers, developers, local charities and communicators can use the data to reciprocate in meaningful ways.

The data is open for use in any positive way. For instance an art installation represented in this prototype reflects the thoughtful clicks near that particular location.

The app also allows users to connect to more direct ways of impacting local military families.

A click is a powerful thing on Yellow Ribbon and can lead to unlimited manifestations of love.


Concept Image icon yellow-ribbon_flow.jpg Other
Art installation created with the data of the Yellow Ribbon. Every time that some one send a thought the flowers will blinking. Image icon yellow_ribbon_tree_installation.jpg Other
How the app will work. Citizen and the families File 20150301_120818.mp4 Customer journey
Customer Journey Image icon 11016769_10152903749789584_81195138_n.jpg Customer journey
Local Battlefield Metaphor Image icon 11047227_10152903749819584_1524894996_n (1).jpg Documentation of prototype
Yellow Ribbon Graphic Recording Metaphor Image icon 11039731_10152903749779584_1690675933_n.jpg Documentation of prototype
App description PDF icon yellowRibbon_appstore.pdf Documentation of prototype
Visual Design of the Prototype Image icon pic2.png Documentation of prototype
Visual Design of the Prototype Image icon pic1.png Documentation of prototype