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Get to know your Neighbours


Neighbourhood block parties! A great way to meet your neighbours... But nobody mingles! Introducing Nobers, a card game that helps you get to know your neighbour. Our service offers guidance of the game during community events. The game can also be bought separately by city councils and citizens.

Our aim is to bring different cultures together. Why travel so far when new cultures are just around the corner? At the end of the game, we encourage the neighbours to meet up again by offering them a coupon for a local shop.


Powerpoint presentation File presentatie_NOBERS.pptx Pitch presentation
Case movie of our service File stop motion FINAAAL.mp4 Pitch presentation
Money flow Image icon biz model.JPG Business model
Video of testing different iterations of the prototype File testing.mp4 Documentation of prototype
A prototype of our game box Image icon 2015-03-01 14.48.07.jpg Documentation of prototype
Listing interesting insights from our user research Image icon 2015-03-01 14.46.25.jpg Research data
Testing the questions with our fellow Jammers Image icon 2015-02-28 18.51.44.jpg Documentation of prototype
How does our user interact with our service? Image icon IMG_20150228_215554.jpg Customer journey
Testing our game with Antwerp citizens Image icon IMG_20150228_122306.jpg Documentation of prototype