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Build & Play

Childhood, habilities and feelings


The project seeks to awake the child inside each parent or relative while strengthening the relationship among children and their tutors. To accomplish this goal, children and their parents will complete "challenges" built upon 3 pillars: empathy,trust and admiration.

Research topics:
"Time goes by"
"How do I feel when"
"Do it yourself"
"New meanings"
"Child's plays"

Understanding Insights:
- People had positives memories whenever exposed to an object that reminded them of their childhood;
- Parents expressed interest on connecting with their children;
- Although knowing and having the knowledge about "old" toys, children didn't express willingness to play with it. Instead, they focused on the "building" process as a personal challenge;
- Young children (around 5 years old) that didn't know the paper toy were curious and impressed
- Older people emphasized they still play with friend, even though the game are different (most people talked about cards games)

Point of view: "An invitation to revive school playground, where you can have fun as you like."

The point of view is a invitation to people to live an experience of "being a child again" and have fun by doing activities that are primarly associated to children.


The Experience:

People (children and parents) will be in an environment that looks like a speedway, they start by choosing a theme-based "field" to move forward, which can be the adventure, musical or cooking.
The ultimate goal is to complete the race! To accomplish this, they will complete challenges tailored to that given field and developed to strength trust, empathy and admiration from both children and parents.
The race is shared into sectors, where they will receive and complete their challenges. For instance:
- the musical path is chosen
- a challenge to increase empathy is given: "write a song to a person you both love"
As they move forward, they keep on receiving and completing challenges until they complete the race.


Prototype - People Experimenting the Challenge - "Create a Song" Image icon IMG_20150301_142449.jpg Documentation of prototype
Kid playing with paper toy during research / interviews Image icon IMG-20150301-WA0003 (1).jpg Stakeholder map
People interacting with the prototype. Image icon IMG_20150301_135452.jpg Documentation of prototype
Prototype of speedway that children and parents would walk through. Image icon IMG_20150301_124644.jpg Documentation of prototype
Final Project Drawing - Pillars in which the circuit is based Image icon IMG_20150301_120041_1.jpg Documentation of prototype
First draw on how the customer would receive an invitation and would go play on that given day. Image icon 20150228_Customer Journey.jpg Customer journey
Map used to present the service and the overall delivery idea. Image icon IMG_20150228_202756.jpg Pitch presentation
Results of the first understanding and associations after receiving the challenge. Image icon IMG_20150228_155938.jpg Insights