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Unlock Experience

The application for travellers who need FUN and NEW experience in Thailand!


This website based in Thailand and intended to promote Thai tourism by introducing hidden location by local Thai. It tries to motivate the travellers to re-boost their daily life. Mobile application is provided along the journey to guide them to participate with local Thai. Unlock experience initially provides 5 alternative locations with 16 programmes for users. It will automatically match the personal profile with suitable programme. The user is able to select the location, programme, and date to start. During the mission of each programme, the user is able to see other players who take the same task. This allows them to compete each other by ranking whoever finishes the whole task faster will be ranked higher. This business generate incomes from the commission that we take from suppliers in Thailand who we have introduced them into each task. In term of user, Unlock Experience is a free application, sharing hidden location and activities that give the users new experience for young travellers.


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