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Become the captain of your own life


The Captain is designed to turn 'David' a slightly grumpy 'can't do salary worker' into a 'can do' person. Once he changes his mindset, he can do anything, no matter what obstacles are before him.

The important part of the program is that David learns to think creatively about lifes problems himself, not ask others. The core approach is to assist members by providing a platform to solve dilemmas, forming helpful habits, thinking outside the box . The monthly meetings provide support.

Hence we have designed a community, in which users learn through 'doing'. We use as series of tools and applications to facilitate communication when issues arise. Users type a problem framed as a question into 'the captain', members suggest solutions, and if your solution is chosen, you get points. The group learns from each other, it is also a challenge to win each round. For instance, You are angry because don't like traffic jams? Petition for a bike share program or use the time to learn a new skill via audio. Afraid of starting a business? Improve your knowledge and learn how to take calculated risks.

The motivation to use and compete in The Captain are many. You learn vital life skills. You have fun. You have someone to reach out to. It is also certified by an industry association, and the badge is on your linkedin. In order to become a captain, you have to get your solutions chosen, so it requires fast and efficient creative skills. A dream for any boss or employer.

At the end, David will be a Captain of his own life. He will no longer need the system, but hopefully he will help others, by forming his own team.


docs Image icon FullSizeRender.jpg, Image icon IMG_1119.JPG, Image icon IMG_1105.JPG, Image icon IMG_1129.JPG Documentation of prototype