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Co-lab is a service that provides a safe, portable space for fun, productivity and support. Run by teens for teens - it is a travelling modular truck which provides opportunites for teenagers in every community of Dundee, aged 14-17.


Logo for the service, Sign up Sheet and truck illustration. Image icon CO-LAB LOGO3.jpg, Image icon Truck1.jpg, Image icon sign up sheet.jpg Documentation of prototype
The truck will be in a different spot each day! Image icon IMG_4216.JPG Implementation plan or roadmap
Final prototype of our Co-lab truck Image icon IMG_4223.JPG, Image icon IMG_4217.JPG, Image icon IMG_4222.JPG, Image icon IMG_4224.JPG Documentation of prototype
Customer Journey Image icon IMG_4208.JPG, Image icon IMG_4209.JPG, Image icon IMG_4210.JPG, Image icon IMG_4211.JPG, Image icon IMG_4212.JPG Customer journey
Storyboarding our user journey. Image icon IMG_4207.JPG Customer journey
Defining our user Image icon IMG_4205.JPG Persona
Rough idea of our business model Image icon IMG_4204.JPG Service blueprint
Making our final prototype! Image icon IMG_4201.JPG Documentation of prototype
Co-lab Truck Image icon IMG_4186.JPG Documentation of prototype
Co-lab Truck Image icon IMG_4187.JPG Documentation of prototype
Cardboard Prototypes Image icon IMG_4143.JPG Documentation of prototype
Protyping with Lego Image icon IMG_4121.JPG Documentation of prototype
Prototype number 1 Image icon IMG_4115.JPG Documentation of prototype
Ballot Boxes Image icon IMG_4107.JPG Research data
Cold and windy research! Image icon IMG_4102.JPG Research data
Insights! Image icon IMG_4114.JPG Research data
Questions Image icon IMG_4084.JPG Insights
Gathering insights from our user group Image icon IMG_4111.JPG Insights
Ready to go! Image icon IMG_4099.JPG Insights
Building some ballot boxes to take out to the streets. Image icon IMG_4073.JPG Research data
Research! Image icon IMG_4069.JPG Research data
Skyping Germany Image icon IMG_4060.JPG Other
Brainstorming! Image icon IMG_4058.JPG Insights
Initial Brainstorm Image icon IMG_4057.JPG Insights