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Creating a solidarity network facilitated by upcycled badges.


We are team Up-Cycle!

We began by looking at the scale between what people want and what they need and did some research in the Dundee City Centre.

We knew that we wanted to do something with Up-Cycling, turning people's trash into treasures.

We had the idea of a machine into which you put rubbish and you get out something of value. We spent a long time brainstorming on what could come out of the machine but then we decided on one of the most valuable things of all, community.

Our proposal is about facilitating a global solidarity network with small machines which make badges out of your rubbish!

Watch our video here:

#storytelling #trashtotreasure #upcycling



Rita's Tune - Pepe Frias


documentation of branding from start to finish part 2 Image icon branding-02.png, Image icon branding-03.png, Image icon branding-04.png Other
documentation of branding from start to finish Image icon branding-01.png Other
poster for advertising Image icon POSTER.png Other
presentation poster Image icon front poster.png Other
logo for the machine and company Image icon logo.png Other
Exploring Initial Concepts Image icon LFischler-4440.jpg Other
Business Model Canvas Image icon LFischler-4522.jpg Business model
Gathering insights in the town centre- asking people to place things on the scale from Want to Need. Image icon LFischler-4458.jpg, Image icon LFischler-4456.jpg, Image icon LFischler-4461.jpg Insights
Presenting our insights on our massive scale from Want to Need! Image icon Screenshot 2015-02-28 23.05.18.png Insights
First prototypes of badges made of recycled treasures Image icon LFischler-4520.jpg Documentation of prototype