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Shake & Do

Connect, collaborate and co-create online !


An online platform for entrepreneurs, change makers and NGO's looking to connect, collaborate & co-create. The usp is a mentorship scheme to support participants, possibly making use of the impact hub network.


Video Presentation File Produce_0.mp4 Documentation of prototype
In the second ... third iterations Shake and Do has an APP and a two way connection to community needs. Plus some exciting new services to help us all to connect... collaborate and co-create great solutions for real community needs --- Shake and Do! Image icon P3011932.JPG Customer journey
Make Shake and Do your first stop to connect, collaborate and co-create impact (with like minded folks who love fun and crave impact!) Don't make us your last resort. Image icon P3230012.JPG Insights
Together with others... some proof is in the pudding...Andrea's old and new tribe members can feel the difference! Image icon P2281883.JPG Research data
Shake & Do service helps Andrea to go from HELP towards a well oiled machine... achieving her vision and goals! Image icon P2281909.JPG Customer journey
Cause we all have more fun.. creative energies and options in a tribe! Image icon P2281911.JPG Service blueprint
Shake & Do helps Andrea map and focus on what really matters to her with tips, new connections to people. skills, $$, other NGO partners and much much more...) Image icon P2281896.JPG Customer journey
Shake & Do's online platform and pool of mentors sorts and co-crafts options.. cause Andrea is still in charge (but she needs a tribe).. Image icon P2281903.JPG Customer journey
Awash in great information Andrea needs a Tribe and Guide to co-create! Image icon P2281894.JPG Insights
Shake & Do service offers a bridge to resources and expertise for your need... Image icon P2281895.JPG Customer journey
Andrea ponders what could I do to really move forward (or get through tomorrow)? Image icon P2281907.JPG Insights
AAndrea - strives for impact but sometimes feels alone and isolated... Image icon P2281892.JPG Persona
NMeet Andrea - a passionate but overworked, bunkered NGO leader... Image icon P2281900.JPG Persona
Persceptions matter ! Watch & Refine ! Image icon P2281884.JPG Research data
Service design... with the customer in mind! Image icon P2271876.JPG Other
Initial draft - but taking shape ! Image icon P2281877.JPG Documentation of prototype