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The project field is wide and general about education


"Kids Potential Discovery Tool"

Parents often are not aware what are they kids talents and strengths. On the other hand parents want to develop kids potential in full.

Parents want the best future for kids. They want them to be happy, working in line with its interests, passions and skills.
On the other hand - parents are not fully aware what are they kids talents, strengths, and skills to be supported in further development. In everyday rush they do not have time for such a reflection. But they would like to know it - to lead their kids growth and education in line with kids potential not against it.

We propose the Kids Potential Discovery Tool for parents and kids. It includes a mobile application with questionnaire for parents and a game kind test to fulfil by kids. Summary of this give a result: description of the strongest kids skills + hints how to develop it in every day life.

Further development of application:
We plan to introduce a functionality of matching specific skills with appropriate classes in the nearest localisations (geolocalisation mechanism). Parents can find the best extra classes for kids suited to kids abilities.

Happy kids - developing themselves in line with their true potential!
Happy parents!


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