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Project Cup-link

Interactive, Hygiene, Discipline, Habit, Fun


In developed countries, it is a common practice to clear your food tray or leftover in restaurants. Because ideally, when you leave the place/table you've been occupying, it should be ready to use by the next customer. That is why it's important to clean-up after yourself on the way out, especially at self-service/fast food restaurants.

However, in Indonesia, although waste containers are everywhere, customers do not clean up their food mainly because of habit, forgetful or there are no clear rules.

So we go to the largest coffeehouse company in Indonesia, that has a lot of branches in the world, then we observe how might we make the customers feel that it is good, fun and exciting thing to clean up your own table.

As a result we came up with the idea of a project that we call 'cup-link', a place for customers to put used cup and also gives customers a chance to win freebies, such as; lattes, cookies, etc.


Project Cup-Link Final File cuplink_small.mp4 Pitch presentation
Cup-Link - be a good role model Image icon 2015-03-01 13.30.53.jpg Documentation of prototype
A mock up of Cup-Link Box Image icon IMG_1065.JPG Documentation of prototype