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UNI (read: You and I)

Talk, talk, talk, play


UNI (read: you and I) is a mobile game application which helps you measure how well you know you closest circle and the other way around.

UNI exists to answer the question of how might we break the systemic/communal addiction of not talking to your closest people due to the way too much time spent for online gaming. From our research, we found that online gamers actually know that they spend time gaming too much but don't know how to stop. To make things worse, their family and friends are too facing the same problem - gaming addiction.

UNI allows you to ask questions about you to your friends, family members, colleague, and partner(s, if you wish). On the other hand, you'll also be asked questions by your friends. Gamers are allowed to ask deeper questions as they answer right more questions. At certain level, gamers are even allowed to create their own question.

UNI is expected to signal gamers of how close or how far away they are with their closest circle: family, friends, colleague, and partner.


Draft Prototype File project elmo #JKTsjam.pptx Documentation of prototype