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Mallpal is application that help costumer to have fast & easy shopping


our purpose is to help costumer's usuall problems in shopping centers and shopping malls.
our idea is making an application wich can be installed on the smartphones , you can put your phone in holder that attached to cart .
At first we started with tehran srvice jam 2015 theme wich was childhood origami game . Though we started brain storming and ideation .then we consider that people have some main problems in shopping especially in shopping malls and hyperstores .
We have focused on problem that a costumer faces when they want to find something in bigmarkets . so we put a part in application that you can find every thing on the map .
Another problem was the final price that they couldn't stimate before , in this way you can use the barcode reader that we considerd in the application and the application sum up all the price and simultanously gives you the offprice so you can plan for your next shopping .
We also added side aspects to this app that you could have shoppinglist and search espcial product .
Finally we have developed this app and we tasted this app in some malls and it was successful .


prototype test film Package icon Documentation of prototype
prototype test film Package icon Documentation of prototype
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