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Ring a Reng

Everybody Musician , Everything instrument


we started our work by ideas whole a paper game which was popular in the past. we did a brain storm and then picked the words that were ideal to our team to think around the ones that were about entertainment. we believe that developing the subject needs the ideas at this step of our customers;so we leaved our tables and went outside to interview the peaple outside. we asked about their entertainments and their alterntives and subtitudes for that or even the probable troubles in their way to being entertained.after gathering some datas from peaole ;we analyzed the answers. we found that most of them don't have enough time to play or entertain themselves and enjoy the games also most of them are physically dynamic and exute theme perferably gathering others as well. they noted some problems ,too. such as :"they are repetetive","we dont have the time","we cant pay much money" ... or we are too tired to do that.
a cool point that attracted our attention ,was that some peaple try to create their own game ,or like to play a game that doesn't need any speacial instruments. then we draw a mindmap to make the research clear. in the middle of this process we game to this idea of "using the daily appliances to make entertainment something that can happen everywhere and increases family members interactions whit having this fact in mind that "music bring people together , make them fun , attracts a lot of people ...
in the end our solution :create a tv show that invites the audience to record a piece of music with everything around them whether tapping a chair ,tableor even wheestleing and then upload it on a website to win a gift asides .
we make our money from our sponcers or selling the songs in our archive to the musicians or music instrument makers.
and we chose our wewbsite ,tv show and app as our main connectiviting channels . our app helps those who dont have tv access or the yongers which communicate the appsy easier.
what is your rythm?!


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