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We Reframe Your Work Frame.


We have a large magic suitcase of suggestions which gives you the freedom of working down moods, releasing your tensions with our relaxing space or go up in the air with our cool gym space.

We can reframe your frame of work.
We offer you enough alternatives and perspectives to choose from in a real office.

To use the equipment you only need to bring your wearable activity detector close to the equipment.
To evaluate your activities you can simply link your detector to your smart phone or laptop.


This is us, WorkoHeal group members :) Image icon WorkoHeal Group Members.PNG Other
This stop-motion movie shows a brief demonstration of our service. Without us, the employees suffer stress and aggression during and after work. While with us, they can enjoy calm and healthy interactions with their colleagues and their families. Movie icon WorkoHeal 2015- Documentation of prototype
A screenshot of our designed application for the user (employee). The app shows the ratio and the duration the user has used each facility. Image icon WorkoHeal 2015- Application Screenshot.jpg Documentation of prototype
Mood Board- Shows the user's moods in two rooms of "Relaxation" and "Game". Image icon WorkoHeal 2015- Mood Board.jpg Other
Interaction Board- Shows what we, our customer (the employer), and the end user (the employees) do during each step. Image icon WorkoHeal 2015- Interaction Board.jpg Other
This Business Model shows different kinds of interactions among various organizations, companies, and us. Image icon WorkoHeal 2015- Business Model.JPG Business model