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Organic packaging with palm leaves helps economy !


As theme was published, we thinked about it and started to brain storming on little sticky notes. After 15 minutes we stick them on the wall so each member of group would able to see another’s and also made more and more keywords .So we categorized the keywords in each related domains and we choosed ‘food’ at last. We left the Jam place for local research; divides in two groups and the result was this conversation :
Group 1 : ‘’ we see some problems about warm food packaging…’’
Group 2:’’what if the packaging was something to eat !’’
Group 1:’’ that’s interesting ! like Organic Packaging’’
One member from group 2 : ‘’ In my city local people weave some baskets using palm leaves, while dates don’t have suitable packaging and wholesale is usual for trading.’’
So we decided to design something with this material to improve this zone economies. We also mentioned added values in this packaging design.
Internet research had been started and tried to make some prototypes with real material according to sketches.
As there is’t many buyers in such cities, some of those farmers decide to sell their farms so after a while farms disappear. This product and process helps the lost economy to brisk up again, what is obviously clear is that this industry has more potential except being packages. Such as different products that gain from palm, that can be used in later phases of developments.
With briskness of this reel the amount of the immigration the local people to cities will be decreased and the eco system will be balanced.


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