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Share needs. Build relations.


This service is an open system of mutual help among neighbors aiming to generate social and economical impact through community conscience.


Do you know your neighbors? When was the last time you said ‘hi’ to that woman living next door?
Nowadays we live in a fast world of individualism and we lost that sense of humanity and mutual support. Just imagine how beneficial could be if we all share the resources, how can we change the quality of our life: share routines, habits and interests, food and free time leisure.

And...who we are?

So, we are a young international team "Metalaxis" ('transformation' from Greek). Eight people from different backgrounds: graphic, design, business, fashion communication students who have been generating ideas during 48 hours to create a useful social service.


Customer journey is made using icons from


Simple physical screen prototype Image icon photo_2015-03-01_13-14-30.jpg Other
Story #3 Image icon Story3.jpg Customer journey
Story #2 Image icon Story 2.jpg Customer journey
Story #1 Image icon Story1.jpg Customer journey
It's all about "Share needs. Build relations." PDF icon METALAXIS PRESENTATION.pdf Pitch presentation