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The most surprising gifts of your life


The world is full of clod when it's time to decide a gift for a person.
We propose a service that helps these clods to find the perfect solution.
How it works?
Through few questions about the person who the gift is directed to (gender, demanding vs. unpretending about the gift, the budget and other funny but useful questions), the Geniuft identify the ideal present that convey together surprise and utility.
The present is not directly shown to the user who has to no particular capability to value it - remember, he is a clod :)
Anyway, if the user decide not to send the "hidden gift", he has the possibility to choose between different gifts suggested by Geniuft.
If the user continues to skip the suggested gifts, the Geniuft proposes to let her choose between the gift previously proposed. So it is sent a email to the person who receive the gift and she decides what to have.

G E N I U F T , the most surprising gift for a win-win situation.


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Geniuft presentation File Geniuft.m4v Documentation of prototype
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