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Play with Jam

Play isn't supposed to look like there is a reason for it!


Play should be anytime and anywhere! In today's busy and hectic world, kids are "dragged" around to do "boring" chores! Why don't we incorporate play and fun in just the ordinary everyday chores and allow our kid's mind to roam free? This is exactly what this team set out to do! Make grocery shopping a fun and playful experience!


Skit video Movie icon IMG_7158.MOV Pitch presentation
Process Map Image icon IMG_7159.JPG Customer journey
Grocery Play Points Role Play Video Package icon Pitch presentation
Welcome to the grocery store Image icon IMG_7156.JPG Pitch presentation
Group Picture Image icon grouppicture.jpg Other
Meet Brea Introduction File PlayWithJam.pptx Pitch presentation
Journey Map Image icon IMG_7159.JPG Service blueprint
Videos to test the Grocery Stories conecept Movie icon Grocery Stories - Child Perspective.MOV, Movie icon Grocery Stories - Parent Scenario.MOV Documentation of prototype
Picture storyboard in a zip folder Package icon Grocery - Treasure Documentation of prototype
Children and Teacher We Interviewed Image icon Persona.jpg, Image icon Persona1.jpg, Image icon Persona2.jpg Persona
EOD Saturday Prototype PDF icon proto-sat-nite.pdf Other
EOD Saturday Prototype PDF icon proto-sat-nite.pdf Other
Sensemaking Image icon sensemaking1.jpg, Image icon Sensemaking2.jpg, Image icon sensemaking.jpg Insights
Early Prototype Image icon GirlPlayingInBox.jpg, Image icon EarlyPrototype1.jpg, Image icon Prototype4.jpg, Image icon Prototype8 (1).jpg, Image icon Prototype8 (2).jpg, Image icon Prototype9.jpg, Image icon Prototype10.jpg, Image icon Prototype5.jpg, Image icon EarlyPrototype.jpg, Image icon Prototype4.jpg Documentation of prototype